Can you build in my state?

Most certainly. Most of our work is in California, and we are very experienced with engineering and permitting prefab buildings in the state. However, we have been working across the country for almost a decade. We have a deep network of suppliers across the US, and source others where we don't. Our system and our process have been designed to allow us to work in almost any location.

We're actually doing a project in Russia.

Can you build in other countries?

We can try. This is a really tough nut to crack. Logistics, codes, transportation. These are only the tip of the iceberg with respect to the complexities of working internationally, and there are very few companies in the world who can provide these types of projects.

That said, sometimes the basis for this type of proposal makes sense. We are actively working on a project in rural Russia. There are several methods of fabrication under consideration, including sourcing through regional suppliers.

If you have the money and the motivations, we can work with you to determine how to develop your project.


You make a design just for us?

You got it! That's our whole process. It's a myth that there's an existing design somewhere in the internet that really FITS your project. There's no additional costs for "customizing," it's just part of our process, and we generally complete most of the design work during the Feasibility Analysis process.

Plus, this is the fun part. You should enjoy designing your own home.

What if I have my own design?

Cool. Let's see it. We love working with the inspirations of our clients. Whether it's one of our designs or yours, it's all a starting point. We love to bring the whole process together.

Rule #1. Never start from scratch.

I like more than one design. Now what?

Excellent. We will work with you to identify what you like and what you don't like about a series of designs. We are great designers, and can easily work a design that draws on the inspirations you bring to the project.

Feasibility analysis

How long does it take?

About 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how available you are and how much of a hurry you are in.

It's likely we can do it really fast.

Do I need to have a property first?

Not necessarily, but it makes sense. We can do an analysis for any project, anywhere, but there are many elements of the process that rely on site-specific information.

We do a lot of these studies with clients who are actively closing on a property. This can be a helpful tool during the due diligence period of the closing.

Can you do an analysis on a remodel/addition project?

All the time. The process is the same, but we are careful to make sure that using prefab construction for an addition makes sense for your property. Sometimes it can be more expensive than simply working with a local contractor. For all addition projects, we would help you work with an outside company to prepare As-Built drawings of the site and the existing buildings.

What do we get at the end of the analysis?

We provide you with a digital copy of the following materials:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plans of each level
  • A rendering of the front of the building
  • Specifications in list form
  • A complete budget and project cost analysis
  • A report on the permitting process for your project

We also work closely with you throughout the process, and correct the work and revise the materials as needed.

How many designs can you make during the analysis?

One. We have a great process, and we'll work with you to refine and adapt the design so that your home really fits. We'll explore a few different options to start, but the final analysis work will focus on a single design and construction strategy.


How much does it all cost?

We know a lot about the prefab part of the project, but not much about your site yet. Many questions about budgeting relate to the site work and infrastructure required for the project.

In total, our projects generally have complete and comprehensive project budgets between $400/sqft to $500/sqft, as multiplied against every square foot of project, including garages and other spaces. We suggest that you budget $180-$225/sqft for the prefab building, and assume at least as much for the balance of a completed project (fees, permits, site work, transportation, setting, and finishing and landscaping.)

We work through a comprehensive analysis of all of the costs for your project BEFORE we start, during the feasibility analysis stage.

What are your fees?

Our goal is predicability. We figure that should begin with our work.

We have built a system and network which more simple and more efficient than a traditional practice, and helps us to help us keep our overall fees low. Additionally, we do not mark-up, or resell, the buildings we coordinate; we work with you to buy direct from the factories, builders and suppliers.

Our fees, charged during our adaptation and permitting stages, are always less than 12% of the total project budget. This includes:

  • complete design of your building, inside and out
  • all of the structural engineering
  • the mechanical engineering and plumbing design
  • the energy calculations required in most states
  • the interior design
  • coordination for the whole project, including the permitting, the work with our suppliers
  • and assistance during construction/fabrication

Our fees are fixed, and we do not charge for small revisions, adjustments, changes, or added scopes of work during the project. We invoice 6 progress payments over milestones along the path towards the construction of the project.

Can I see a sample budget?

Sure. Contact me, and we'll work together quickly to assess the likely areas of cost for your project. With a little effort, we'll help you outline the basics of a complete budget for your project before we take any steps forward.


Can you build on a hill?

You bet. We've worked on some REALLY crazy hills, and prefab buildings are great for many of these types of projects. In general, downslope properties are easier than upslope properties.

Do you do additions?

Absolutely. We've done many addition and remodel projects using our systems and techniques. Keep in mind that the costs associated with the existing building can be very difficult to predict without getting further into the process and evaluating the existing conditions.

What if I change my mind, and just want to build the house conventionally?

Ok. It's not my favorite way to build, and it's not usually how we start our work, but it might be a real choice for you. You can certainly build cool, green, modern homes using conventional techniques, and we'll be there to support you. There is no change to our process or our final design work with you. Ultimately, you can build your home any way you want and you will often find that very little change is required to the engineering.

That said, don't do it... let's build a prefab house.

Can my uncle help?

Definitely. We have worked with owner-builders and all of their family members, friends, and local GC's. While some elements of prefab are more technical, there is always site work that needs to be completed, and many of our systems are actually easier to build than conventionally framed homes.

Can I buy my own appliances?

Yup. Or cabinets. Or kitchens. Or flooring. get the drift.

There are deals to be had, and our team understands this. We do not start our projects assuming you will buy anything yourself, but in most projects, it makes sense somewhere along the line. It's not predictable, but we can manage the information and specifications, and ultimately include your "opportunity" into the equation.