Our first step: build a launching pad for your project.


 Our first step is a Feasibility Analysis during which:

  • We adapt and design a home for you...plans and a rendering.

  • We provide you with a list of the basic specifications for your home...a baseline to start, ultimately adjusted to your preferences.

  • We prepare a detailed cost analysis...for the complete project.

  • We introduce several suppliers...providing options and competition for your prefab project.

  • We report on the permit process for building on your property...working with “the man.”

We charge $3,000 for all this work, and it generally takes us 4 to 6 weeks, working closely with you.

Here's the order form.

We can help you create a vision for your property, and there's no commitment beyond this step.  We do this work for a lot of clients who are in the process of buying land.

Let's talk more about how this process might be useful to your efforts.   Contact us any time.