all of our projects are green.  we don't do it any other way.


But what does this really mean?

In our projects, this means responsibility, health, efficiency, sensitivity, and resourcefulness. Be it the environment, indoor air quality, or your energy bills, the values best described by "green" are the underpinnings of our work.

All of our homes are certifiable as green buildings (from USGBC LEED, Build-It-Green, Greenpoint Rated, etc.)

Our use of prefabrication, and building in factories, is the most resource efficient and most sustainable form of wood-frame construction.

Modular construction has the least impact to the environment and to the site.

Panelized buildings are the most energy efficient type of construction.

Steel buildings use no wood, and many recycled materials.

Advanced Framing Techniques can dramatically reduce the amount of wood used in any home.

All of our homes use healthy materials, with no VOC's (volatile organic compounds)

We use products with high recycled content, and cradle-to-cradle life cycle certification.

We design for solar panels and alternative energy systems.

We engineer net-zero energy homes.

Many of our homes have green roofs, water catchement, and other sustainable technologies.

We design many off-the-grid homes.